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These galleries are a curated collection of all my best landscape photographs from Scotland to Hawaii—and a lot of beautiful locales in between. The art found across the site is available in the form of limited edition prints, available in high quality papers, acrylic, or metal. Each print has a production limit of 200. To initiate a purchase, please use the form on the Contact page with the name of the work and your print preferences.

The Beautiful America gallery contains a selection of my favorite images from all across North America, many from our wonderful State Parks, National Forests, and wild lands. As I’m located in northern Utah, you’ll find a lot of images showcasing the sublime diversity of the American Southwest, from Wyoming to California.

This gallery celebrates the magnificent National Parks of the United States. Megan—my wife—and I love spending as much time as possible in the National Parks with the goal of one day seeing them all. For generations these places have provided inspiration, adventure, and recreation to those who love them, and thanks to admirable foresight and conservation efforts their rugged beauty be protected and enjoyed for generations to come.

I’ve been drawn to Scotland’s moody moors and rugged, sheep-dotted landscape long before ever visiting. And somehow, when I did finally make it, it felt like I was coming home. It’s impossible to deny the romantic atmosphere that permeates the rain-soaked cities. It was captivating for me on a level I can only describe as spiritual. This collection of photos are some of my most cherished and they repeatedly inspire my adventurous spirit.

Sometimes you just can’t capture all the majesty of the moment in a standard 3:2 photo. I absolutely love landscape panoramas ability to envelop and transport you to the place and time of the capture. I personally have an aspen forest panorama above the desk in my office and all I have to do is glance up to be conveyed to Colorado at the peak of fall. Because of the nature of how panoramas are created—multiple photos stitched together in post-processing— these photos can often be printed at much larger sizes than single-capture images.

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