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First off, I want to thank you for checking out my site and for your interest in my work. My name is Jerad Raines and I am a self-taught fine art landscape and nature photographer specializing in storytelling through limited edition photographic prints. Born and raised in southern Ohio, I currently live in northern Utah with my beautiful and talented wife Megan and our two dogs and cat.

Nature has been a constant presence and driving source of inspiration in my personal and professional life. My goal as a landscape photographer is to show you views of our natural world that will inspire your own passion and convey the monumental importance of the wilderness that we all share. My aim is to present views of nature in ways that you may not have seen or considered, through careful composition, detailed focus and the expression of mood.


Each of my photographs represents a fusion of that moment in time, how it lives in my memory, and the story that I want it to convey. How we see and remember is what makes us unique. I believe that great landscape photography is not merely documenting the scene, but about blending the story and vision of the artist with the landscape. I am drawn to the wild beauty, transience and varying dispositions of nature and my goal is to expressively communicate my feelings about these experiences. I seek to build lasting connections with the places I photograph and seek to show the viewer why these places are so important and worth preserving for future generations. My most effective images are the ones that embody something beyond the obvious and are able to connect and communicate a message to the viewer without relying on words or explanation. 


“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”


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